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We assist our clients through mediation whenever practicable as alternative dispute resolution system to ordinary proceedings before Italian Courts. Mediation is quick, informal, strictly confidential, even in Italy it has limited and certain costs (much lower than those of Court proceeding).

As far as costs and time are concerned, mediation coupled with arbitration – even with one arbitrator tribunal- results quite effective in overcoming civil and business law judicial procedures crisis from the point of view of both time and costs (for a first degree decision parties one often wait for 10 years plus 5 years for an appeal court decision).
The Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, in particular, administer highly reliable national and international mediation and arbitration procedures (also in English).

The Italian legal system has fully enhanced European Directive n. 52 of 2008 through Legislative Decree n. 28 of 2010. The European Commission 2011 green book complimented the Italian Government for the wise implementation of domestic and intra – European Union Mediation.

Mr. Francesco Pifferi has been practicing as Mediator since 2003 and he has successfully led many procedures before the mediation bodies of different Italian Chambers of Commerce; in addition, he has acted as legal and strategic counselor during mediation processes for his clients.

There is the option of asking for Mr. Francesco Pifferi to be appointed as Professional Mediator (under DLGS. n. 28/2010) before the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, Forli - Cesena and Ravenna if the parties jointly request for him. (Please note that this kind of request doesn’t bind the mediation body to appoint Mr. Pifferi; however, this generally occurs - while this option is always available under ad hoc Mediation).

You are more than welcome to contact us for further information on Mediation and Arbitration in Italy.

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